Save Biblezon!

I am writing today with some difficult news. With regret, Biblezon might be closing on April 30 2017. As all of you know, we started this Ministry to help Catholics to learn, live and practice their Catholic faith on a Holy tablet and for the past 2 years or so, we have served over 5000 Catholics including children. It has been such a blessing to serve God`s people. Unfortunately, we have not been able to cover our expenses for the past 3 months and our Apostolate is at risk of shutting down this April. After consulting with our CPA, Attorney & Board Members, we can save our Ministry if we are able to raise $25,000. With this money, we will keep the doors open, launch our software/app version, establish in Parishes & School & continue to serve the Church and it`s people. If you read this message and you feel that the Holy Spirit is calling you to help us, please do not hesitate to email me at I want to assure our current customers that we will continue to provide support no matter what happens. If you are having any issues with your Biblezon Tablet please email or call me directly at 214-677-5313. May God bless you & your family during this season of Lent.

Your`s Faithfully,
Mosongo Osong
Founder of Biblezon